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FREEda's World

Nov 13, 2019

It is that time of year again. Daylight savings and the arctic chill of winter has us feeling like we are in an episode of the walking dead. Many of us are having a hard time understanding where this sudden bout of fatigue, lethargy and unwillingness to be social is coming from.  Well my friends you may be experiencing seasonal depression. For those of you sideyeing this post, seasonal depression is in fact a real thing, and it can have some serious effects if not addressed properly.

Now that we have established that seasonal depression is a real thing. What do you do about it? More importantly, how do you function and engage with others in the workplace when you have no desire to do engage with other humans? 

Personally, I am so over the angry black girl narrative. But recently I found myself creating a different narrative for myself. The antisocial black girl. On this episode I talk about seasonal depression and detail my workplace human engagement model. Having to engage with co-workers when you are going through depression is difficult. It took everything in you to get up for work this morning. Now you are expected to engage, with people? It's painful. But fear not! Tune in, and learn how you too can maneuver the workplace painlessly while dealing with your seasonal depression.

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