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FREEda's World

Apr 10, 2019

This week I am joined by my dear friend Dianne. Dianne and I met at Fordham University School of Law (Big shout our to Fordham!) in the Fall of 2008. We were placed in the same first year section and from that point on we became sisters. Imagine going through 3 years of law school, (a portion of which was spent enduring dialysis)and studying for the bar examination, only to be advised that you cannot work. Tune in as Dianne and I look back and discuss her journey with Lupus and her experiences working through disability. Many of us are legitimately ill, but we are neglecting to take care of ourselves out of fear that we will be singled out. If there is one thing you learn from hearing this episode today, it is to take care of yourself. When you die, your job will be posted the next day. There are ways to work while disabled. Take the time to educate yourself. ***FREEda's World is available everywhere you get your podcast! Please remember to subscribe, like, share and review!