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FREEda's World

Mar 13, 2019

This week we are talking to the single mothers! Being a single mom is hard ya'll. Sometimes I want to cry. Being a working single mother is even harder. It is an emotional roller coaster. How do you deal when the single mom struggle is too real, but you still have to report to work and be productive? I am still figuring this out, but I found a few things that are helping. Even if you are not a single mother, I think you will find the show to be somewhat entertaining and informative. For all my single mothers out there, keep your head up, keep fighting, keep mothering, but more importantly, take care of yourself! (again still trying to figure this part out) It's performance review season! *Cues weird danger music* Performance reviews can be the source of great anxiety. Even if you are a stellar employee, having to sit in a room with your manager, listening to them dissect your work performance can be a little uncomfortable. ~~FREEda'a World podcast is powered by FREEda Women NYC, an accessories and apparels brand that uses fashion to help professional women of color reach their full potential and achieve desired results. Visit to shop the latest accessories and to keep up to date with upcoming projects and events. ~~Want to be a guest on the show? us a message at or or follow us on instagram and twitter @freedawomennyc and send us a message! ***Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe! FREEda's World podcast is available on Soundcloud, Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify, Tunein and Stitcher. Please subscribe and leave a comment!