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FREEda's World

Dec 6, 2017

This week on FREEda's World, I have the pleasure of interviewing my dear friend/ fellow Johnnie (Shoutout to St. John's University) and radio personality Roxie Digital! Roxie has also been inducted into the FREEda Women hall of fame! On this episode we get into all things Roxie as she takes us through her journey of life and success. *We are proud to announce that our FREEda Woman of the week is the amazing Majora Carter! Majora Carter is a leading urban revitalization strategy consultant, real estate developer, and Peabody Award winning broadcaster. She is responsible for the creation & implementation of numerous green-infrastructure projects, policies, and job training & placement systems. At Sustainable South Bronx, Carter deployed MIT’s first ever Mobile Fab-Lab (digital fabrication laboratory) to the South Bronx - where it served as an early iteration of the “Maker-Spaces” found elsewhere today. The project drew residents and visitors together for guided and creative collaborations. After establishing Sustainable South Bronx and Green For All (among other organizations) to carry on that work, she opened a private consulting firm to help spread the message and success of social enterprise and economic development in low-status communities - which was named Best for the Worldby B-Corp. Her work is characterized by an emphasis on talent-retentionon the corporate and community levels. Clients include industry leaders in many fields, municipal and federal government agencies, and leading educational institutions across the US. Be sure to check out our website to shop for the latest accessories and while you're there check out our blog to learn more about who we are, our social impact initiatives and upcoming events. To like, subscribe and comment, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @freedawomennyc FREEda’s World podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher. Please leave us a review and tell us what you think! Music by: 3MBeatz References: