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FREEda's World

Feb 12, 2020

Happy Wednesday Everyone! It's Valentines day week and I know how that can be for us singles out there. It's suppose to be a day of love but society has us thinking that if we are significant-otherless, we have to be down in the dumps. NEGATIVE. V-day is a day of love that can be shared with anyone we love, including pets! (Shoutout to my cat Chester!)

So as we report to work on Friday, do not get distracted by all of the flowers, chocolates and balloons floating around. Get your work done and plan a romantic evening with yourself and/or your friends and celebrate love your way way. 

On this episode I talk about V-day in the workplace and what you can do to cope with V-day as a single. The advice is not lengthy or complicated, it's to just  "do you boo boo!"

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