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FREEda's World

Oct 2, 2019

#Blackgirlmagic is in full effect! When you think about the workplace, most of us imagine an office setting with a desk, computer, chairs, cubicles, water cooler, conference rooms, printing machines, loads of paper work etc. We usually think corporate, or government. We tend to think, lawyer, social worker, teacher. 

Well today, we are putting the focus on our sisters in science. This week I have the pleasure of talking with Dr. Stacia Nicholson, PHd. Stacia is a real scientist who recently completed her PHd. in toxicology.  She is also the founder of Aliquot The Science Spot, a website where she educates people on current issues in science.  

There are so many preconceived notions as to what a scientist is, and what a scientist looks like. Tune in as Dr. Stacia talks about her experience being a woman of color in science and the many challenges she faced getting to the PHd. After talking to Stacia, it is very clear that the struggle is real for all of us women of color, regardless of your discipline. Whether your office is made of 100 employees or 2 employees, the challenges are still very present.

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