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FREEda's World

Mar 4, 2020

Happy first Wednesday of Women's History Month! We are kicking off Women's history month with our very special guest Clarissa Moore aka The Budget Queen!  Clarissa is the owner of the Budget Queen Brand. She teaches working women how to manage their money so they can live their best lives without going broke to do it. 

The Budget Queen has helped her clients increase their credit score over 100 points through budgeting and money management. She has helped working mothers get approved for home loans and has now helped over 500 women create a budget that has saved them over $10,000 and that number continues to increase everyday.

Money is said to be the root of all evil, but money also makes the world go round. We need it, and we need to have a healthy relationship with it.

On this episode, The Budget Queen discusses:

*Why most people struggle with budgeting

*The importance of paying yourself first

*Healthy habits to develop when saving 

*Budgeting apps/tools

*Being aware of you REAL financial situation

*The importance of financial coaching 


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