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FREEda's World

Feb 5, 2020

This week my highlight of the week ended up turning into this week's discussion topic. After weeks of trying to navigate this murky terrain called my job and wondering "what I do this for", it dawned on me that I am without a mentor. 

I have always had a mentor, but over the last few years, I have just been going with the flow, learning a new industry and literally just making it. In all my efforts do my job and do it well, I forgot to pick up a mentor in my new field of law. I think before, because the work was somewhat routine (as litigation and arbitration can often be) I didn't feel the need top find a mentor. But now I am not litigating. It's a totally different role. I literally had an"aha!" moment in the shower and it all makes a little more sense now. I am without guidance and I need to get some guidance ASAP Rocky!

So on this episode, I talk about this "aha!" moment and the importance of finding a mentorship and how to properly go about locating your career guru. 

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