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FREEda's World

Nov 27, 2019

Happy day before Thanksgiving everyone!

Every year family and friends gather together under one roof to eat, fellowship, give thanks, spill tea and to destroy self esteems. Yes, Thanksgiving, that time of year where you are confronted with all of your faults, failures and disappointments. 

For women, this is a time of great anxiety as their love lives, uterus, natural hair journeys and other seemingly odd life choices are scrutinized in front of company. 

In years past, I have been a big proponent of the thanksgiving clap backs, but this year, I am trying a new approach. Join me and my girl Jellisa Joseph as we talk about this deceptively stressful holiday called thanksgiving. We share some of our horror stories as well as discuss the approaches we have taken to shield ourselves from unwanted attention. It is all about wellness folks, don't lose your sanity this holiday season, you got this and we got you!

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