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FREEda's World

Oct 30, 2019

Cancer. It sucks, and more and more young professional women of color are being diagnosed at rapid rates. Unfortunately due to the high cost of medications, the overall cost of living, those afflicted are still forced to hustle and bustle in the workplace. 

This week I have the pleasure of bringing on my dear friend and past FREEda Woman of the month, Jaymie Bowles. Jaymie is a cancer warrior currently fighting stage 4 lung cancer. She is a 9-5er and on the side she owns and operates her radio station, WJMS radio. 

I have heard of positive people, but Jaymie tips the cake. Tune in as she shares her story on how she is able to remain positive and still be out here working essentially two jobs while fighting cancer. Jaymie's story is nothing short of inspirational and whether you are someone who has been recently diagnosed with a horrible disease, or you just need inspiration to continue moving forward in your daily life, this episode will surely give you the boost you need!

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