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FREEda's World

May 29, 2019

Have you ever seen a motivational story that made you second guess your whole existence? Like the story of the young boy who was homeless and was admitted into 8 Ivy league schools and received over $500,00 in scholarships? As great as this story is, doesn't a part of you sit back and think, man, what was I doing with my life? I had a roof over my head a car, parents... What was my excuse?

I am sure that most of us have had tis thought at some point. On this episode I will talk about the young woman Briana Williams who recently graduated Harvard Law School with a baby in tow, and how often times people use these motivational stories to shame and put down others rather than using these inspirational stories to motivate and uplift.

Tune in as I discuss how motivation can backfire and lead to individuals feeling unaccomplished, and unsatisfied with where they are in life.    

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