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FREEda's World

May 22, 2019

Welcome Back FREEda Fam for another episode of FREEda's World!

Tis the season for everyone to be in your business. The sun is out, the weather is getting better and people are nosy! Why is it that men and women a like, love to comment on a woman's ability and willingness to have children?

This week I am talking about the pressures professional women of color face when it comes to getting married and having children. Many of us have mapped out our lives. We have clear goals. We have a path. We are trying to stay focused, keeping our eyes on the prize.  Some of us do want to get married and have kids at some point. 

But our society is relentless. They are so intrusive and sometimes they can be downright insensitive. Tune in as I talk about how friends, family and society as a whole are adding unnecessary anxieties and pressures on professional women to procreate, and how this pressure is affecting our mental health.


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