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FREEda's World

May 31, 2018

This is our last episode for season 2. Thank you so much for your continued support on this journey. We hope you enjoyed this season and look forward to your return for season 3! We are taking a little siesta but will be back in July! On this week's episode, our host Ritha drops some serious gems. Listen as she recaps and expands on some major points discussed on our last few episodes concerning self love and self care. This week's FREEda Woman of the week is Shivonne Odom the founder of Akoma Counseling Concepts! To learn more about Shivonne, check out her feature on FREEda Woman Fridays on our social media! Be sure to check out our website to shop for the latest accessories and while you're there check out our blog to learn more about who we are, our social impact initiatives and upcoming events. To like, subscribe and comment, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @freedawomennyc FREEda’s World podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Stitcher. Please leave us a review and tell us what you think!